The GEOSS Discovery And Access Broker APIs
Authors: Fabrizio Papeschi, Mattia Santoro, Stefano Nativi
The GEO Discovery and Access Broker ( DAB ) is a middleware component which is in charge of interconnecting the heterogeneous and distributed capacities contributing to GEOSS; it became part of the GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI) since November 2011. The DAB provides three main functionalities:
  1. Discovery of resources from brokered sources
  2. Semantics-enriched discovery
  3. Access of resources
Since it is a middleware component, DAB users are typically software agents, such as web-based or desktop client applications. These can exploit the DAB functionalities implementing the client-side of one (or more) of the protocols published by the DAB for the above functionalities. The available protocols include:
  • OGC Catalog Service for the Web (CSW)
  • OpenSearch with geo, time and semantic extensions
  • Open Archive Initiative (OAI) PMH
  • OGC Web Processing Service
  • etc
In order to simplify the development of applications and clients making use of the DAB, we have developed the following APIs: